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Forums release, beta period commences and staff applications open!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by xSinclare, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Hey, guys! We are pleased to release the forums along with the commencement of the public beta period for Star Prison! A lot of development has undergone in the past few weeks to prepare for the beta stage of the server and work with the forums and Discord. Our Alpha testers have been working on gettings things ready for a public beta release.

    Beta Period
    For anyone who participated in the Alpha testing phase, you will lose all previous data. The beta stage will start completely fresh. During this beta phase, please report all bugs here on the forums. Not to any of the Owners over Discord. These forums are made to deal with all types of situations and matters related to the server. Any case will be redirected here to the forums.

    Forum Release
    Work with the forums will be happening throughout the week. This means official rules across in-game, the forums and discord. Also, any suggestions and feedback may be left in the Feedback and Suggestions forum. We would appreciate anyone posting their ideas and such. Along with this the staff applications have been released. This means we will be looking for Moderators to join the staff team. You may view the staff application format here.

    Staff Applications
    The application process is not too extensive. But we are looking for well-rounded individuals who are here to make a difference and put their best foot forward for the community. This means you should be actively engaging with the community, learning new things and be ready to work on new things and learn new things. There is no interview process at this time, so if your application is accepted then you will be contacted by me on Discord after an acceptance response on your application.

    This will conclude our very first announcement! We hope you guys are looking forward to the future of Star Prison as much as we are. Enjoy the rest of your day or night!