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Enchantment Update | Quest Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Lukasz_, Feb 17, 2018.

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  1. Lukasz_

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    Jan 3, 2018
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    Hello Everyone!
    I have some fantastic news regarding some of the new updates hitting Star Prison this week! As seen from the title, yes Enchantments and Quests are going to be live this week on Star Prison, allowing you to unlock new cool enchantments and further progress in quests to gain new items and even some new and unique titles.

    Yes, the long awaited enchanting system is going to be live, from the time of this post going up. At the current moment you can only enchant pickaxes, armour and swords will be added later on as pvp will come out with some new adjustments to it, just saying, it will be not a normal pvp place or even a world...

    Important information to note down, when enchanting there is never a 100% chance you will get an enchantments, it is based of luck and what enchantment you choose to enchant, the more enchants you have, the harder it becomes. Make sure to check what enchants are what rarity, as even if you max out your pickaxe in a certain rarity, you will still be able to enchant with that rarity, however you will have a 100% chance of a failed enchant since no other enchants can be occurred with that rarity.

    List of Enchantments can be found below including a short description on what they do and what rarity they are.

    - Feed (Chance to fill your hunger up to 100%) [Pickaxe]
    - XP Magnet (Chance to give you extra XP when mining) [Pickaxe]
    - Hyper (Chance to add a Speed Effect when mining) [Pickaxe]

    - Adrenalin (Chance to gain Haste Effect when mining) [Pickaxe]
    - Coin Magnet (Chance to gain extra Coins when mining) [Pickaxe]

    - Fortune (Chance to get more blocks per drop) [Pickaxe]
    - Dust Collector (Chance to get more Star Dust when mining) [Pickaxe]

    - Lucky (Increases the Chances of getting Extra Coins, Star Dust and XP) [Pickaxe]

    The long awaited missions to do something and not constantly mine are here are well! They will go live later this week, it will allow you to complete missions to gain extra money, coins, stars and other items. Allowing and improving the experience of Star Prison, some quests will be easier than others, but can you complete them all?
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