1. Hello, all! Star Prison is now closed. However, we decided to keep the forums open for archival purposes. However, posting, registration, etc. is disabled. Take care all!

    Read more here: https://starprison.net/threads/server-closing.70/

Hello all,

This is an important announcement that we suggest you read. With our decision, we will be closing Star Prison permanently at this time. We are moving along with a new project which will be discussed later on in this email.

We are sad to see this day come, but excited to move on with our future project. We enjoyed the time and effort that we have put into this, but instead of ultimately attempting to revive this server at this time, we decided to just close the server. We don't have plans on opening up again in the future.

With our new project, it is a Factions server called Cartel Realms. It's Factions, but we're taking a different approach with the gamemode and plan on proving something new and shaking up the culture in general. It's a new step and it's something we're all excited and determined to make happen. We both are working on this new server along with Rocketman430. He has been involved with Minecraft for several years, ran his own servers along with once being an Administrator on the server Minecraft Central.

If you all would like, you may join the Discord for Cartel Realms here: https://discord.gg/Tf2zQEm Right now we are early in the stages of development and planning, so nothing too much has been said. Join the Discord today and you can see what we have going on. It's completely optional though.

We wish you all the best on from Star Prison with your own endeavors and such. As always have a great day!

- Star Prison Owners, xSinclare, and Lukasz_
Voting Update!
Hello all! Today we are glad to release the Voting Update to you! Voting is a way to show support for the server on different server lists on the internet. And in return, you can receive rewards via the Voting Crate Key. There are various rewards and various tiers available when using Voting Key. For the tiers there are 4 of them:
  • Common
  • Unique
  • Elite
  • Legendary
With these tiers you have the chances of getting these items:
  • Voting pickaxe (Legendary)
  • Different number of different ores
  • Common Crate armor pieces
Voting is really easy! All you have to do is visit one of the voting sites (found in this thread), click the link on the page to vote (or type in your IGN), fill out the captcha (need to make sure you aren't a robot!) and submit. From there, check in-game for your voting keys! You can redeem your keys near spawn at the Vote Crate:

Now you're probably thinking where to vote. Currently, we have 4 sites where you can vote. Here they are:

MinecraftServers.org || http://minecraftservers.org/server/495434
Minecraft-Server.net || https://minecraft-server.net/vote/starprison/
Mc-Lounge.com || https://top.mc-lounge.com/server/39
TopG.org || https://topg.org/server-star-prison-id489368

After voting on all 4 sites, you will receive 4 keys. One key from each website. Afer you vote on one site, you cannot vote again until after 24 hours. You'll normally get reminders like these if you have voted on all sites or if you haven't:

This concludes everything regarding voting. You can access these sites by doing /vote in-game (a GUI will pop up) or by visiting the link in the navigation bar above.

We also plan on rewarding TopVoters for each month starting next month. The...
Update, Update, Update!
Hello all players of Star Prison to one of the biggest updates I have been working on to expand the economy and improve the playability on the server! With that we are also introducing votes and other related ways of advertising the server to the public to gain more players and make this server something bigger!

Ever wanted a living space, now you can buy one! The rocks have landed, with that out cosmonauts prepared them so you can live inside them! You have some chests and a bed you can sleep at. Since they are rare, there is only a limited amount made and ready to be used. This means, once it is gone, it will be gone for ever. When purchasing a cell, it will be with you till the reset, you can't sell it or trade it at the moment!

When you are on the Server, type /cells which will show a GUI, from there you can select what Tier Cell you wish to buy and than you can select one which is open. To purchase one, just click it and it will do it's thing! To teleport inside one of your cells just type /cells and there will be a list of all cells you own and can access!

Daily Rewards!
This is something players wanted, and we wanted to give you a chance to get even more things in a day. So here is the system we have currently. When you login and you are legible for a daily reward, you will get a message saying what the reward is, with that you will be also shown if you stay on the server for 30 minutes, the reward will multiply and if you stay on the server for 60 minutes it will be even more! However the second you logout, the reward will be claimed and automatic added to your account!

As you can see, there is a command now available which is /vote! This will soon start filling up with websites you can vote at, when you vote for the first week. There is no set reward however next weeks update...
Hello Cosmonauts!
Hope you are having a wonderful Easter break!
I am here to bring some news, it seems like our planet has had some random Easter Eggs dropped around the place. If you find them all, maybe you will get a Reward!

Store Addition!
Since Easter is a special time of year, we have added Special Tags which have a Unique Pink Color. They will only be available throughout this week only and after that they will never come back. So grab one if you want to look cool!

Meteorite Rain Update
Rain seems to slow down, which was unexpected. Next landing is expected to hit next week, So hopefully our cosmonauts workers can start making cells out of them soon!
Hello Cosmonauts!
We been hearing that the Economy on Map 1 is boring, slow and you can't get a lot of things fast, since that has been causing problems in the upper HQ we have decided to increase things and change things up. Yes yes, this means more XP when you mine, and yes more money when you sell things. After doing some research, we made them changes and they are now live on the server!

Meteorite Rain
Our Cosmonauts Mods, noticed a strange anomaly in the planet atmosphere, seems that their is a hole and a lot of rocks are starting to go through it, they are far away but will soon start hitting around the planet, hopefully not directly the base. But don't worry, we are ready for it, so we scanned one and found something interesting, they contain chests and are hollow inside. Yes, a place to live in!

They shall soon start landing in a weeks time, ranging from 4 different sizes, but since extracting the rocks, moving it around and making it suitable for you to live in cost time. It shall cost some money to live in. The prices are not yet set however be ready to spend a lot, so you can store more things as soon... war may rain upon us.

But I guess we shall see.....
Hello Everyone!
I have some fantastic news regarding some of the new updates hitting Star Prison this week! As seen from the title, yes Enchantments and Quests are going to be live this week on Star Prison, allowing you to unlock new cool enchantments and further progress in quests to gain new items and even some new and unique titles.

Yes, the long awaited enchanting system is going to be live, from the time of this post going up. At the current moment you can only enchant pickaxes, armour and swords will be added later on as pvp will come out with some new adjustments to it, just saying, it will be not a normal pvp place or even a world...

Important information to note down, when enchanting there is never a 100% chance you will get an enchantments, it is based of luck and what enchantment you choose to enchant, the more enchants you have, the harder it becomes. Make sure to check what enchants are what rarity, as even if you max out your pickaxe in a certain rarity, you will still be able to enchant with that rarity, however you will have a 100% chance of a failed enchant since no other enchants can be occurred with that rarity.

List of Enchantments can be found below including a short description on what they do and what rarity they are.

- Feed (Chance to fill your hunger up to 100%) [Pickaxe]
- XP Magnet (Chance to give you extra XP when mining) [Pickaxe]
- Hyper (Chance to add a Speed Effect when mining) [Pickaxe]

- Adrenalin (Chance to gain Haste Effect when mining) [Pickaxe]
- Coin Magnet (Chance to gain extra Coins when mining) [Pickaxe]

- Fortune (Chance to get more blocks per drop) [Pickaxe]
- Dust Collector (Chance to get more Star Dust when mining) [Pickaxe]
Hey, guys! We are pleased to release the forums along with the commencement of the public beta period for Star Prison! A lot of development has undergone in the past few weeks to prepare for the beta stage of the server and work with the forums and Discord. Our Alpha testers have been working on gettings things ready for a public beta release.

Beta Period
For anyone who participated in the Alpha testing phase, you will lose all previous data. The beta stage will start completely fresh. During this beta phase, please report all bugs here on the forums. Not to any of the Owners over Discord. These forums are made to deal with all types of situations and matters related to the server. Any case will be redirected here to the forums.

Forum Release
Work with the forums will be happening throughout the week. This means official rules across in-game, the forums and discord. Also, any suggestions and feedback may be left in the Feedback and Suggestions forum. We would appreciate anyone posting their ideas and such. Along with this the staff applications have been released. This means we will be looking for Moderators to join the staff team. You may view the staff application format here.

Staff Applications
The application process is not too extensive. But we are looking for well-rounded individuals who are here to make a difference and put their best foot forward for the community. This means you should be actively engaging with the community, learning new things and be ready to work on new things and learn new things. There is no interview process at this time, so if your application is accepted then you will be contacted by me on Discord after an acceptance response on your application.

This will conclude our very first announcement!...